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college park. laurel this morning at 39 degrees. looking at our forecast highs, rockville today 62. it will be 62 in north beach. fairfax 63. and manassas, one of the warm spots at 65. let's go over to monika samtani. still looking pretty good out there early on this tuesday. >> it really is. i'm happy to say that because what's in store isn't that great. i'm sorry but this is going to happen after today's rush hour. the morning rush hour. kalmia culvert in northwest will be closed today between east and west beach drive. the culvert is like a bridge and it will close after rush hour. it is a major cut through for those of you who head east or west on beach drive. 16th street, military road or connecticut avenue are going to be your alternate routes closest to that area but they're going to definitely take a hit with 17,000 people who normally use that shortcut
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so keep that in mind please, especially this afternoon and definitely tomorrow morning. no problems right now coming in from the west from sterling on the dulles toll road, on 66 from gainesville. we're going to take a live look outside. here's what it looks like in springfield. not too bad. back to the maps and this time to the other side of town. on 95 we're in good shape. no problems on the bw parkway or route 29 heading for the beltway and a last live look outside. this is 270 at falls road. great through rockville. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. just about 5:03. americans are getting an exextra six -- an extra six weeks to meet the requirements. >> this is probably in response to the massive problems with the obama website. the obama administration will now allow individuals extra time to sign up for insurance plans. ko im is live with the story. what's the deadline now. >> reporter: good morning. the deadline is now march 31 but with that extra time comes some extra questions and there are calls to extend that
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deadline. now that's been done, there are some concerns about some new penalties that may be associated with the extension. you see, insurance coverage usually starts at the beginning of the month so if by the original deadline you had signed up by march 15, then you would not get coverage till april 1 which would mean that you would be breaking the law. so now you have some extra time, an extra six weeks. when you file your taxes for next year, you don't need to fill out a waiver. a guidance was released last night saying you don't need to claim that exemption. the health and human services saying, quote,, the administration has determined it would be unfair to require individuals to make penalty payments. the penalty would be starting at $95 per person just in 2014. now again the deadline is march 31, you won't have the coverage till may 1 but you also won't have the penalties. we'll talk about some of the
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issues with website that you can sign up for the new health care plan, and what questions may be answered this week about the rocky roll out. for now we're live at the hhs building, ko im, wusa9. >> thank you, ko. prince george's county police have charged three men in last week's murder of a hotel employee. investigators say deandre weems was the gunman. all three are from d.c. kimfrey williams was driving the getaway car according to police and rinaldo washington served as the lookout. jesse chavez was shot and killed at the clarion hotel in oxon hill. he was coming to the aid of one of his coworkers who was at the front desk in the hotel. police recovered both the murder weapon and the getaway car and they're looking into whether or not these three suspects have committed other robberies like these in the area. a frederick family can't get their son back but they are getting one of their wishes fulfilled. a special commission held its first meeting monday to look into ways to prevent what's
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happened to ethan saylor from happening to anyone el. saylor who had down syndrome died in police custody earlier this year when officers removed him from a movie theater for not having a ticket to a second showing. the maryland commission will present its findings on january 9, the day saylor would have turned 27 years old. well, singer chris brown is out of jail and most likely on his way back to los angeles. a judge reduced his assault charge from a felony count down to a misdemeanor. last night he was charged in connection with a fight early sunday outside the w hotel, this was after a concert he was playing here in town. he's due back in d.c. for a court hearing coming up on november 25 but before that he has a hearing in los angeles to update a judge on his probation in connection with the 2009 assault for his then girlfriend rehanna. it's 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> gentlemen came doyle is in the newsroom with today's headlines. good morning. good morning to both of you. good morning to those of you at
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home. earnings have been looking pretty good on wall street. so far about two-thirds of the companies that have reported thus far have exceeded wall street expectations. and that's part of the reason why the s&p 500 is starting at a new all time high this morning. checking the numbers for you, the dow took a little bit of a hit. it dropped a point. it stands this morning at 15,568. the s&p 500 rose by about 2 points but the nasdaq was off by about three in trade yesterday. discussions are under way yet again to raise the district's minimum page. four competing proposals are headed to a d.c. council committee this week and in the meantime, a coalition of workers rallied outside chef jeff's restaurant on pennsylvania avenue northwest. the most generous roam on the table would raise the minimum wage to $12.50 an hour. that's a jump of over $4 an hour. mayor vincent gray already vetoed it measure after wal- mart threatened to scrap stores it's bringing to d.c.
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well, your morning cup of coffee may be boring compared to something we want to show you. a guy in japan -- check this out -- is making 3-d lattes. check that out. that's a dog he's making there. >> that's cute. >> amazing. but he's got to work quickly. he only has five minutes for each creation. he takes his portable ec prose sow maker, travels through tokyo, sets up shop wherever he feels like it. a dog for a dog. adorable. >> very cute. very, very cute. >> i love that story. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> we'll explain why it may be harder to find one of your favorite condiments at a popular restaurant in the future. we'll talk about that in 30 minutes. >> good to have you back. an influential senate leader says one of the nsa's buying programs needs to go. that story is coming up. -- spying program needs to go. that story is coming up. ahead in sports, the
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redskins legend reacts to the latest comments from recently
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ten after 5:00 on this tuesday morning. another chilly morning out there, 30s and 40s in most areas so, yes, jackets once again but it's late october. this is pretty normal stuff. we're going to have a pretty normal day today. a mix of sun and clouds. maybe a degree or to below the seasonal average of 64. i'm photographing 63 in d.c. south -- i'm forecasting 63 in d.c. warmer temperatures and increasing rain chances. details coming up. not a problem right now on the beltway north of town at new hampshire avenue. this is what it looks like really between 270 and i-95. 95 is in good shape from baltimore. 270 in from frederick and all the northern maryland corridors in between are incident free. >> thank you, monika. at 5:11, here's a look at what's new this morning. police are trying to restore order to parts of brazil after 
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protesters torched several trucks and buses. they're angry over a weekend police shooting where a 17-year- old was killed. authorities said the shooting was unintentional but upset demonstrators have looted and ransacked local stores as well as blocked traffic. former illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. is in limbo while he reported to a federal prison in north carolina to start serving his 30-month sentence all for misusing campaign funds, a paperwork problem delayed his processing into custody. he's reportedly selling his d.c. home and starting to try to repay the money he took. the white house says it's looking into whether the national security agency can keep spying on foreign leaders. this after revelations the nsa was spying on at least 35 world leaders, including german chancellor angela merkel. dianne feinstein says the program needs to end. >> we're heading toward the 70- degree mark temperature wise later this week. >> kind of warm later
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yesterday, too. how long will we stay in the 70s? howard has the answer vo: the tea party. government shutdown. dangerous politics.
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first they gave us ken cuccinelli...
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and now mark obenshain for attorney general. obenshain voted to ban the birth control pill, and outlaw abortion, even for victims of rape and incest. and on gun safety, obenshain opposes comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the violently mentally ill. mark obenshain: a dangerously wrong turn for virginia. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general and i sponsored this ad. . 5:15 on this tuesday morning. as i drive into work, i see more decorates and lights for halloween. the forecast is what everyone is excited about. >> it's going to be a pretty
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good halloween around here. going to be mild and generally dry. if you're in western maryland or western virginia, there's a better chance you'll see a shower or two but here in the metro, east of the blue ridge, i think our rain will hold off for the most part till overnight friday night and during the day on friday. so friday will be an unsettled day. maybe some stronger thunderstorms as there's a pretty good cold front headed our way. but right now looking good for the little ones. here's a look at our forecast for everybody. chilly to start but a decent warm-up. by 1:00 59. we're in the 30s and 40s now. 3:00 62. close to that 63-degree high i'm forecasting. then by 7:00 57 degrees. notice the clouds increasing tonight with those winds coming in out of the east. that will bring in some low level moisture off the atlantic and that could form not just low clouds but even a patch or two of fog. this morning we've seen some clouds streak across the region here. we're back in the clear skies in d.c. with heavier clouds well to the south. generally south of interstate
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64. but we did have cloud cover south so it's warmer down there like tappahannock at 48. the bay keeps annapolis at 49 but notice all the middle 30s from fretd rick, cumberland -- frederick, cumberland. winchester at 36 this morning. nothing really going on. great visibility there with a temperature under clear skies at reagan national 44 degrees. that's a brisk start. but winds, thankfully, very light, north, northeast at 3. areas have winds which are actually fairly calm. nationally we've got the cold air up across the northern plains. there's some teens up here this morning coming out of canada and 20s. so we've got snow falling in north and south dakota. then in the rockies, big storm out west. as this thing moves east, the warm weather which is down across texas, the lower mississippi valley, it will be pushed in our direction so we're going to see nice temperatures the next few days. today still a little bit cool thanks to north, northeasterly winds. a front will sag south and start to lift back to the north
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later tomorrow, tomorrow night. so this afternoon going to have a decent amount of sunshine. clouds will thicken up. some sprinkles possible. better chance of rain west of the appalachians into the ohio valley. notice the moisture has a tough time crossing the mountains. still can't rule out a stray springle with a decent amount of clouds tomorrow morning. better chance we'll see sun in the afternoon and a mild day. upper 60s. with enough sun, a few of you may get over 70 tomorrow. as the front lifts north into thursday, here we are in the morning. showers extending into western maryland. this is along the front now lifting north. the warm air will return. i think thursday partly sunny to mostly cloudy with highs into the low, possibly mid-70s. then it rains friday. today 63. a nice day, cool day. tonight not as cold, 50 in town with mid-40s in the burbs. tomorrow 69 but the morning clouds, patch of fog and early shower but i think a few breaks of sun in the afternoon. near 70. 74 on halloween with a stray
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shower. better chances west. showers and storms likely friday and clearing out over the weekend, by the way. chilly sunday. sunday, don't forget to turn the clocks back an hour. you gain an hour of sleep. monika samtani, you're always smiling when i say gain an hour of sleep. >> you know, who wouldn't smile about that, whether you sleep as little as we do or not it feels great to have that extra hour, doesn't it? if you're planning to head in 066 this feels pretty good, too, coming in from manassas to centreville. no issues to report. we're in great shape on the beltway as well. west side of town. no problems on 95, thank goodness as you come up from dale city to springfield. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head here on 2670 in from falls -- 270 in from falls road, you're in good shape. a bit of volume from route 109 to 121. back to the maps. this time we're heading inside the beltway. 66 at 63 miles an hour. we'll take another live look outside. here's what it looks like in springfield. definitely getting heavier leaving route 644 to 495.
5:18 am
back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. redskins hall of famer daryl green responds to new comments by the controversial safety brandon merriweather -- meriweather. >> highlights coming up in sports. facebook question of the morning now. according to cosmo survey, which one of these is the rudest thing a person can do? is it a, letting your phone ring during a movie, b, cutting in line or c, hogging plane seats? >> facebook fan page fan carl writes, moviegoers say a, wal- mart shoppers say b and frequent flyers say c. covered all bays. post your guesses and [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted.
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a chilly tuesday morning. we do have a few clouds out there but generally clear skies and chilly. we're in the 30s and 40s to start. jacket weather once again. as we go through the day, looks like a little sunshine. there are going to be some clouds mixing in here and there but all in all a pretty decent day. by lunch time mid- to upper 50s. cool but sunny and this afternoon's highs between 60 and 65. good morning, everybody. i'm kristen better set. in his -- berset. after his first day week,
5:22 am
brandon meriweather had the first time to talk about the punishment and comments from other players regarding his style of play. we asked daryl green to come in and listen to the comments and give us his thoughts. >> you have to go low [ inaudible ] >> reporter: we're bringing in darrell green. the game changed a little bit since you've been on the field but when you hear statements from meriweather like this, what is your initial thought him coming off the suspension? >> i have to agree with him without the sarcasm, what else can i do. i looked at that over and over. what else can i do except kick this man in his knees? what else can you do? >> meriweather has been fined over $150,000 over the last four seasons. why would somebody continue to hurt himself? >> i know i'm supposed to be the resident expert here but the reality is i don't know what the alternative is. i think -- i like roger goodell but i think they're still
5:23 am
trying to figure this out. this game is in everybody luge. i don't -- evolution. i don't agree all that money he's -- he's been fined, it's probably not right. >> i feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out of the league, too. >> obviously referring to a civil suit brought against marshall a few years ago when charged with abuse, obviously a personal dig. >> everything is bad. this is black monday. all of a sudden he's got the mike. it's not a good thing. you almost wish you didn't have to do an interview. and so i think the fall falls on: he has to grow up, be more mature in his behavior on and off the field and understand that this is business. this is a game. and the other guy talking has nothing to do with you.
5:24 am
>> we have to see how this all develops that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great day. red sox left hander john lefter pitched another gem. boston downed st. louis 3-1 in last night's game 5. that gives the sox a 3-2 series lead. david ortiz who went 3-4 in game appears to have hurt his ankle running to first bait in the 8th inning. we'll see fess' available for tomorrow night's game -- see if he's available for tomorrow night's game 6 in boston. the campaigns are starting to bring in more star power, trying to sway the voter. that story is coming up. >> the obama administration is making an extra awforts to reassure -- effort to reassure americans about the health care website. i'm one of the 17,000 in that other location. how are people on the beltway looking this morning, monika? >> the beltway is looking great. right here at the american legion bridge, for example, on
5:25 am
the west side of town but what andrea is referring to is the kalmia road culvert is going to close later this morning. i'll tell you all about it i'll tell you all about it coming up in three gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. [ clears throat ] hi. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate?
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. i'm andrea roane. happy tuesday. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. glad you're with us. the weather will be changing a little bit. >> i'm going to keep calling it terrific tuesday until it becomes terrible later because i have some bad traffic news. sorry. >> you can do it. come on. just pay attention, focus. >> be informed. >> don't get into collisions today. >> at least you won't have to use windshield wipers today in most areas. >> friday will be a rough day weather wise as far as any rain is concerned. if you have a chance and can stay at home friday and not
5:29 am
deal with the wet commute, arrange it now. weather wise we have a chill this morning once again. temps in the 30s and 40s on our day planner. calling for a decent day with a mix of sun and clouds. 55 by 11:00 a.m. with temperatures into the low 60s this afternoon. perhaps 65 to our southwest in places like manassas and culpeper but closer to 63 here in d.c. as the winds go from north to east at 5 to 8 miles an hour. we're looking at a few clouds streaking over the region this morning but they have moved off to the east. you can follow them. there they go across the delmarva. clouds well to the south, especially south of i-64 and a chill in the air. it's 39 now in bowie. 40 in springfield. 40 also in ashburn this morning. dumfries 39. look at that, some low 30s in northern loudoun and northern montgomery county. this afternoon sun, clouds mix. pretty comfortable day. all a he need a light jacket. 63 in fairfax and 62 in rockville. let's turn it over to monika samtani.
5:30 am
you said at the desk a moment ago you have some bad news for some. >> it's just a prediction. right now it's terrific tuesday. today my prediction is that although we're calling it terrific tuesday, i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i think it's going to become terrible, if not today then tomorrow morning until people get used to this new closure that's going to be in place for six months. kalmia culvert which is like a bridge between east and west beach drive, it's a well used shortcut. 17,000 people in the morning and afternoon rush hours use t. here's your alternate. east west highway, 16th street, military road, connecticut avenue. that entire combination around that kalmia culvert will be your detour. i'll keep you posted on that. if you have any suggestions, tweet it to me. let's go to a live picture if you're planning to head over on the other side of town. there are no problems to report on the other side of 95.
5:31 am
it's just going to be heavy and normal. off and on into springfield. no big deals right now. back over to the maps and this time we're heading north to 270 coming in from frederick. still in good shape till you hit route 109. this is 270 at 109 toward 121. back to you guys. in what may abconcession to all the problems with the website, the department of health and human services has postponed a key deadline. >> americans have six weeks extra to sign up for the insurance plans before any fines are imposed. reporter ko im is live outside health and human services this morning with an explanation. good morning, ko. >> reporter: good morning. this is good news for the procrastinators out there. originally you had to sign up by february 15 or face fines if you did not have insurance. now according to the folks in this building, you have till the end of march and you won't face penalties come tax time. the developments come as there are still issues with the website that you can sign up
5:32 am
for insurance. went online october 1 and people saw problems right away signing up. the white house says things should be back up running smoothly by the end of november. there's reportedly a list of dozens of fixes to be done by an outside contractor. here's jay carney with an update. >> we have acknowledged that healthcare gov has not performed adequately and the president is not happy about that. secretary sebelius is not happy about that. that is why we have dedicated these focus resources to fixing the existing problems. >> reporter: existing problems and now an extension with a six- week extension. of course you have until the end of march to sign up. some republicans and some democrats now are joining together to talk about maybe having a one-year postponement. meantime the medicare chief
5:33 am
largely thought to be responsible for the launch of will be testifying late other capitol hill. secretary came lien sebelius -- secretary kathleen sebelius will be in the spotlight tomorrow. voters in virginia will be electioning a new governor in one week. the gender gap for the main party candidates, "washington post" survey gives democrat terry mcauliffe 51% of the vote and republican ken cuccinelli 39%. however, among men, cuccinelli has a slight lead, 45 to 44. for the women, mcauliffe leads 58 to 44 percent. the poll has a margin of error of 4.5%. to get the votes, the candidates are bringing in some high profile supporters. president obama now plans to join terry mcauliffe this sunday for a campaign rally in
5:34 am
northern virginia. former president clinton appeared with mcauliffe yesterday in herndon. mr. clinton is on a three-day swing with his former big fund- raiser through the commonwealth and the republicans are lending star power to attorney general ken cuccinelli. louisiana governor bob ji jindal will appear in support of cuccinelli. virginia attorney general cuccinelli was also in northern virginia last night. he was supported there by kentucky senator rand paul, a favorite of the tea party. they spoke to a packed crowd at the fairfax firehouse. 5:35. time to talk money once again. >> jessica doyle is back. she joins us from the newsroom with details on how big apple is getting. good morning, jess. good morning to both of you. pretty big is the answer. the rumors of apple's decline greatly exaggerated. turns out the company sold nearly $34 -- 34 million iphones and more than 14 million ipads from july through september. that was more than expected. overall earnings slipped about 9%. still they beat wall street
5:35 am
estimates. the iphone 5s and 5c launched in the final week of the quarter but this was the third quarter in a row that apple earnings have dropped from previous years. something to watch. in the meantime mcdonald's -- [ audio difficulties ] heinz hired the former c.e.o. of rival burger king. so mcdonald's plans to transition to other suppliers and says customers will not notice the change. google is letting more people get their hands on its google glass eye ware, just not the general public yet. it's allowing the 10,000 or so people who have been testing out its wearable computer to each buy glass. the price? a cool $1500 for a pair of eyeglasses that can make some phone calls. what do you think, guys? >> okay. >> thanks, jess. an n.f.l.
5:36 am
coach who's having great success this year inspired an adorable halloween costume. that's later this half-hour. >> you may not be able to meet them all in person but now there's a place where you can see all of the women who serve on the u.s. supreme court. this [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage.
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♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another ♪ come on, people, now [ female announcer ] rich, creamy quality breyers. the taste you've loved for over 140 years. ♪ right now 5:39 on this tuesday morning. we have 30s in areas this morning. here's a look at the forecast. we're starting out chilly. a mix of sun and clouds. yesterday 66. today just a few degrees cooler thanks to winds coming from the north to the east at 5 to 10 miles an hour and a high between 60 and 65. got a warming trend to tell you about. we'll look toward halloween and the upcoming weekend as well in the next few minutes. right now we're turning it over to monika samtani with more
5:39 am
timesaver traffic. on the southbound side of i- 270, everything is looking good at route 109 slowing down just a bit to 121. then at route 124, it's a stalled truck along the right side of the roadway. it may slow you down there at montgomery village. no problems from 95 in from baltimore a. new traffic pattern is going into place on i-95 in maryland. instead of the old exit 57a and b, there's now a single exit ramp to get from the interstate to maryland 43 and that's white marsh boulevard. for drivers heading northbound. the switch to a single exit ramp for southbound vehicles will happen in the middle of next month. and this change is part of the i-95 express toll lanes project. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. a life size portrait of the four women supreme court justices is now on display at the national portrait gallery. >> the painting by artist naturalson shanks shows the now retired justice sandra day
5:40 am
o'connor, justice ginsburg with justice sotomayor and elena kagan standing behind them. the portrait is nearly ten feet tall and took nearly three years to complete. after pulling out heavier coats for the last couple of mornings, we're going to put them away for a while. howard has the warm-up in his seven-day forecast. >> we're going to look at the recovery efforts in some of the communities arresteddest hit by -- hardest hit by superstorm sandy one year ago today. let's see who's celebrating an october today. [ male announcer ] we know heat control means everything in cooking.
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5:35 this tuesday morning. a street for the youngsters out trick or treating thursday night. >> and the rest of us during the day because it will be warm, in the 70s. friday will be the wet day and the weekend some clearing and chilly here by sunday. here's a look at our day planner on this tuesday. looking at the jefferson memorial lit up this tuesday morning. we've got just a few clouds but mainly clear skies in d.c. a chilly start. 40s in town. we have a lot of 30s, mid, upper 30s in many ever the suburbs this morning. by lunch time 57 degrees. you'll see the winds are going more from the north this morning to the east later this afternoon. that will bring in a little bit of low level moisture and increasing clouds tonight. by 8:00 after hitting 63, we'll be back down to 55 degrees on our way close to 50 in town
5:45 am
with 40s in the burbs. look at the clouds this morning come through the region. you see how they're moving east away from us so at the moment anyway, we've got clear skies in most areas, although there are a few more clouds upstream. we'll call it a mix of sun and clouds but a dry day and chilly start. down in the 30s, mid-30s. frederick at 34 with winchester and cumberland and petersburg, west virginia, even manassas down to 36 with andrews and the pax river naval air station 41. mild letter in fredricksburg at 47. outside on our weather camera, visibilities great. no problems out there. dry and clear, 44 with a light north, northeasterly wind at 3 miles an hour. and a barometer is rising. high pressure nudging from the north. a little boundary has snuck south of us. that's why the winds are turning to the north. a little front right down here. you'll notice to the north it's in the 20s and 30s. ottawa up there in the 20s with teens now in international falls and great falls, montana. so this cold air is oozing on in toward the rockies and the warmth is lifting up.
5:46 am
the storm system is spinning out of the central rockies. this will take the 70s and move them toward our direction as we get into the afternoon here starting tomorrow even could get to 70 with enough sun. here's the storm, a big one spinning across nevada and utah with rain and mountain snows. this is snow from montana into the northern dakotas. then all of that warmth down south as i said will be pushed off toward the east and the northeast as we go through the next few days. so today a pretty quiet day. not perfectly blue. we'll have clouds streaming in from time to time. even though the future cast looks clear, i do believe there will be some high level clouds muddying up the sunshine a bit. the army flow is going to bring in some low level moisture along with the higher clouds. now we could have even some patchy fog by tomorrow morning. these showers out in the ohio valley will have a tough time moving east, actually kind of moving southeast falling apart over the mountain. still can't rule out a stray
5:47 am
shower, especially wednesday morning. a couple of sunny breaks in the afternoon with highs in the upper 60s to perhaps low 70s with enough sun. now, by wednesday night, thursday morning, the front lifts back to the north. right here a line of showers, maybe isolated thunder through pittsburgh. potentially down in northern virginia but this should pass us pretty quickly so that we get in the warmer air for much of the day on halloween. i don't really see the rain until friday. 63 today, nice day, cool day. mix of sun and clouds. 50 tonight in town with the 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow near 70. going to be some early clouds and a patch of fog, even an isolated shower. 74 on halloween. a stray shower can't be ruled out. best chances will be in western maryland and mountains of west virginia. as we head towards friday, here comes a front, 72, showers and storms likely and on the weekend we're clearing out. fall back with the clocks and a chilly sunday. monika, good morning. >> good morning. it is a good morning. things are great. no problems to report for the most part. i hesitate to say that all the time. there is one crash on the
5:48 am
northbound side of i-95 at aquia harbor. just crowding the left lane but just when you squeeze one lane on 95, that can do a number to traffic so be aware of that as you come up from aquia harbor. once beyond that great shape from dale city into woodbridge, lorton, newington, springfield your lanes are open. it's all green right now. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here. it will slow down at the exit for the beltway or continuing north on to 395 which is fine right now at the speed limit to the 14th street bridge. let's go back to the maps and this time over to the inside of the beltway. all of your potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine right now, whether you're coming up on 295. new york avenue into the northeast corridor looks great. we're going to take a live look one more time at the american legion bridge. this bridge is good too. on the west side of town across the potomac river. annual dray ya, mike? -- >> andrea, mike? >> thanks a lot, monika. a year ago today we were really concerned that
5:49 am
superstorm sandy would wallop us around d.c. the eastern shore got something, a little bit of wind and rain, the mountains west got some snow. the real blow of course was in the northeast. >> ferocious storm became the second costliest weather disaster after hurricane katrina. one year later many victims are still trying to rebuild their homes and their lives. >> reporter: breezy point is slowly coming back from superstorm sandy one wall at a time. >> i'm looking and i think we've come a long way. >> reporter: eileen long is building a new home. her old house was one of the 135 that burned to the ground when water triggered a massive electrical fire. >> no one ever expected fire and the hundred mile winds that destroyed our community. >> reporter: sandy caused catastrophic devastation along the mid-atlantic coast. at least 147 people were killed and some 650,000 homes were
5:50 am
damaged or destroyed. the price tag? an estimated $50 billion. breezy point was one of the hardest hit. a year later there are still many empty lots. those that are rebuilding are making their new houses stronger and higher to withstands the next storm -- withstand the next storm. richard hopes to move back into his home in february. he says it's the same all over the neighborhood. >> i don't know how to explain it. there's nothing normal. youyou walk down the street and are you home yet? did you get your kitchen? are. >> this tight-knit community is determined to rebuild and replace what they lost. storm names get reused every six years but because of sandy's devastating impact, it has been retired from theley. it will be replaced with sarah beginning in 2018. here are some of the stories we're following for you
5:51 am
this morning. the defense in the sean taylor murder trial is starting to call its witnesses. the prosecution rested yesterday after a medical examiner testified that the redskins safety died from a massive blood loss after being shot in the upper thigh. the accused triggerman, 23-year- old eric rivera, jr. faces life in prison if convicted. penn state university has agreed to pay about $60 million to settle the claims of 26 men who alleged they were sexually abused by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky is in prison after being convicted last year of abusing ten boys. the university says liability insurance will cover the settlement costs. some of the new restrictions texas lawmakers put on abortions in their state will not take effect today as scheduled. a federal judge struck down a requirement that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinics. this legal battle is expected to end up in the u.s. supreme
5:52 am
court sphwhrz 5:53. join us on our facebook page to take a guess at our question of the morning. according to cosmo, which one of these is the rudest thing a person can do? is it a, let your phone ring during a movie, b, cut in line or c, hog airplane seats. >> rita says c, which is hogging the seats. i would hate for someone to sit beside me on a plane for eight hours and hog up a seat. it would really [ bleep ] me off. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. >> i'm usually the one in the middle so i definitely hate that one. the obama administration makes a concession in the wake of all the glitches with the new health care website. more on that story coming up. >> plus, it's one of the cute e halloween costumes we've seen so far inspired by the n.f.l. 's lone remaining unbeaten team. that man right there. we'll show you. >> i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find
5:53 am
you deep discounts and here are some favorites. when you go to see the new baby panda, you can grab a meal here afterwards with this deal on gilt city. lily's restaurant and bar is located near the zoo. pay $15, get $30 to spend on brunch, lunch or dinner. other discounts are also available. or how about some bowling? with this groupon, you pay $17 for two hours of bowling and two rentals for two people. this is up to a $44 value. this deal is good at amf bowling centers in waldorf, fredricksburg and south laurel. and today is the last day to jump on an online sale at j. crew you'll save 30% off site wide. all you have to do is use the code "sale30." if you have a deal fo
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
this week we're seeing many of our friends posting pictures of their comes assumes and they're really adorable. >> one missouri mom's idea to dress her baby as her favorite n.f.l. coach seems to be getting around the internet in a big way. >> reporter: after only his first eight games as the head coach, andy reed is easily the most recognizable face of the chiefs. it's not hard to pick out coach reed on the sideline with his signature stature and stash. >> it's cute because now andy reed has become a household
5:57 am
name and i never thought i would hear andy reed's name out of my 2-year-old's mouth. >> reporter: not because she loves football but because she loves her 5-year-old brother's halloween costume. from the hat to the head phones. and the specks. >> we actually cult off the mane off an old toy horse and stuck it on his bingy and there we go. >> reporter: little coach andy reed. her husband came up with the idea and posted a picture sunday on his facebook and twitter accounts. now it's going viral. >> it's weird to get texts from family all over the country. we saw him. >> reporter: it's not just adults who see the resemblance. >> every time my son who's four saw coach reed on tv, there is graham. there's andy reed. i think it would be funny to see a picture of graham with and drew side by side. >> reporter: a winning idea for a coach and a kid that can't
5:58 am
lose. >> very cute. who's having the last laugh in football this morning. >> they kicked him out of philadelphia and he's the only guy standing undefeated with his team. really cool. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. thank you for waking up, standing up with us, tuesday, october 29. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. we're grad you're with us. my red sox won last night. that's pretty cool. good morning, monika. how are you? >> i want to say hello to the people at the asian american business conference. i was howeing their event last night. 250 new -- hosting their event last night. 250 new friends. >> good morning. >> howard? >> a little chilly out there. we have 30s and 40s this morning. so that's a day that requires i think a pretty good jacket, maybe some gloves. sunshine today mixing in with clouds at times but generally pretty nice, 57 degrees by lunch time with a northeast wind at 6. i'm thinking a sweat shirt, wind breaker, that sort of thing for lunch if you're going to be outside. we hit 63. by 5:00 back to 61.
5:59 am
the clouds are going to thicken up some tonight into tomorrow morning. right now some clouds have passed over us but they're now over the delmarva. they're pulling away. clouds well to the south. we have temperatures which are ranging from the 30s toes 50s. it's -- 30s to the 50s. 39 hyattsville. ashburn 40. 50 on the bay in annapolis but look at 30s. it's frosty in lovettsville this morning at 33 and we've got 36 in reston and manassas. going up between 60 and 65. monika samtani is coming in. you've got the family crest on today. >> i do. it's been with us for generations. isn't it pretty? i'll show it you to in a minute. first i want to show you on the inbound side of i-66, this is at route 50. you have the brake lights basically manassas into are inville and gainesville as well and then really route 50 most of the way to nutley before the pace picks up. this is just normal rush hour stuff on a tuesday morning. let's go over to our maps. if you're planning to head

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